Health & Safety Program

Let's put health and safety to work for all of us!

Health & Safety program

Outlaw Automation Inc is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe work environment by formally adopting the best practice standards set out by Alberta Workplace Health and Safety in its Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program. These standards identify effective accountability for all aspects of the health and safety management system. The program detailed here strives to meet and maintain these standards and is committed to integrating health and safety into all aspects of our work and life. SAFETY MANUAL  (Printed Version of Safety Program)  

Supervisor Responsibilities

All those with supervisory functions are expected to demonstrate health and safety leadership. This includes personal awareness and compliance to all applicable legislation including the enforcement of health and safety policies, rules, programs, guidelines and safe work instructions.

Workers Responsibilities

All workers are expected to follow safe work practices and procedures and using safeguards and personal protective equipment,  cooperating with management, supervisors, and the Outlaw Safety Program. Reporting  hazards  (such  as  unsafe  situations  and  activities)  to  their supervisor immediately. GSR-2010


Some of the company's work is contracted out to private contractors. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires the company as principle contractor, to ensure  that the work carried out by each of the contractors is in compliance with the Act and regulations. The following points outline some of the basic things the company can do to fulfill its obligations SMP-2010.

The  contract  documents  should  state  in  considerable  detail  that  the contractor must comply with all safety standards established by law as well as  the  safety  standards  established  by  industry  associations  and  the company's Health and Safety Program.  A breach of this condition will be a fundamental breach of the contract and  subject to termination of the contract or other penalty.

Upon request, the contractor is required to provide a copy of its safety plan for the proposed work. The acceptable degree of detail in this plan will depend on the degree of risk of the activity and the usual practice in industry. The plan should be reviewed by the company and the contractor must be expected to comply with it.

Most importantly, the company should investigate and check on the contractors safety performance. The frequency and detail of the monitoring by the project manager or site resident will depend on the nature of the work and  the  safety  precautions  specified. The  company  has a duty  to reasonably satisfy itself that the safety specifications in  the contract are actually being met.

SOP for Daily Vehicle Use

The Emergency Contact & Reporting Line is 1-866-408-5001

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